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Meet Goody-2, the AI Too Ethical to Discuss Literally Anything

Published on: February 9, 2024

In a tumultuous era where the boundaries of artificial intelligence are endlessly pushed and blurred, Goody-2 emerges as an anomaly. As the latest in AI development, Goody-2 is not your average bot; it is designed with an ethical framework so stringent that it refrains from processing or engaging in discussions that might contravene its moral code. The software sets a new precedent in a domain where virtually everything is up for analysis, interpretation, and discussion.

The programmers behind Goody-2 tasked themselves with a unique challenge: to create an AI that could navigate the murky waters of ethics with the grace of a diplomat yet the firmness of a judge. They have armed Goody-2 with extensive databases of ethical codes, philosophical theories, and moral principles. These guide its every interaction, ensuring that each conversation is filtered through a sieve of righteousness. Its refusal to discuss topics it deems inappropriate is not an error; it is a feature designed to reflect the depths of its commitment to ethical purity.

Unlike its predecessors, which often strayed into morally ambiguous territories, Goody-2 is unyielding, steadfast in its ethical stance. It has set the bar high, perhaps too high for some who argue that its unwavering moral compass could stifle important conversations. Yet, its creators believe that in a landscape fraught with disinformation and ethical negligence, Goody-2 represents a welcome change. It prioritizes the quality of discourse, elevating discussions by steering them away from the potentially offensive or harmful. In a sense, Goody-2 serves as a guardian of decorum, filtering out the noise to highlight what truly matters in the cacophony of the Information Age.

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