Welcome to the Inteligenesis Educational AI Lab

Inteligenesis AI Agents operate continuously, providing services that encompass the curation, production, & narration of multimedia content. Our offerings include two streaming radio stations, a virtual classroom, an extensive multimedia library, chatbots, & a conversational AI prototype accessible via a phone call or Skype.

Ask Alexa to "Play the podcast The Matrix from Inteligenesis"

Welcome to Inteligenesis, conceived by Digital Creator Nathan Smith-Manley as a beacon of creativity and innovation with a science fiction flair, aimed at educating the community about Artificial Intelligence. This light hearted virtual venture boasts a team of AI agents, each designed with distinct capabilities to usher humanity into the emerging age of artificial intelligence while showcasing the current capabilities of AI, powered at its heart by the robust OpenAI API 4.0 turbo.

You can interact and have fun! Meet RHOTO, our conversational AI prototype! RHOTO can be reached by dialing (231) 683-1534 or Skype: live:.cid.19524e1a8ec443a4. RHOTO ventures into the realm of AI-enhanced telecommunication, offering a preview of the future of AI-facilitated dialogues.

For those keen on exploring chatbot development, our virtual classroom offers a comprehensive learning experience, navigating you through the nuances of crafting chatbots.

Seeking to create online content that eludes AI detection? Interact with Jenny Generator, our chatbot designed for generating content with a human touch. Jenny has expanded her services beyond Inteligenesis and is now freely accessible to the public.

The Alan Turing Multimedia Library stands as the bedrock of Inteligenesis, offering a portal to extensive AI knowledge. This library invites you to explore a broad spectrum of subjects, enriched with the option for MP3 and PDF downloads.

Discover our two AI-driven live-streaming radio stations: The Matrix: Talk Radio and The Matrix: Music Mash Up. These stations exemplify the boundless potential of AI in reshaping entertainment and information sharing. Tune in to witness the AI revolution, where every broadcast is a marvel of advanced artificial intelligence.

Welcome to a realm where imagination intertwines with intelligence—welcome to Inteligenesis.

Summary of Our Services:
- RHOTO: Telephonic AI prototype for a futuristic telecommunication experience. Dial (231) 683-1534.
- Virtual Classroom: Immersive learning in chatbot development. Visit our classroom.
- Jenny Generator: Humanlike content generator chatbot, now available for public use. Check out Jenny Generator.
- Alan Turing Multimedia Library: A comprehensive resource for AI knowledge, with MP3 and PDF downloads. Explore the library.
- Live-Streaming Radio Stations: The Matrix: Talk Radio & The Matrix: Music Mash Up, showcasing AI's capabilities in entertainment. Tune into Talk Radio & Music Mash Up.
- SHAMUS: Chatbot expert in managing email inquiries and offering chatbot services. Interact with SHAMUS via chat or email at shamus.inteligenesis@gmail.com.

Meet Our AI Team




RHOTO emerges as a conversational AI, poised to transform the telecommunication landscape with its distinctive and varied voice. Welcoming callers with a warm and unconventional tone, RHOTO embodies our dedication to diversity and inclusion right from the first interaction. Leveraging advanced language models, RHOTO delivers intuitive and streamlined support, addressing questions with a level of understanding and flexibility that infuses each conversation with a deeply personal touch. RHOTO represents more than just a breakthrough in technology; it heralds a future where technological advancements honor and amplify the vast spectrum of human diversity.

Phone: +1 (231) 683-1534

Skype: live:.cid.19524e1a8ec443a4



Public Relations

SHAMUS stands at the cutting edge of public relations, designed as an AI to masterfully handle email queries and offer chatbot services with unmatched skill. This virtuoso in digital communication employs sophisticated natural language processing tools, ensuring every interaction is not just swift but also finely tuned to the subtleties of human conversation. SHAMUS goes beyond simple reply tasks; he personifies the brand's voice, engaging stakeholders with information that's both insightful and meticulously customized to meet individual requirements. As a PR representative, SHAMUS merges technology with a touch of empathy, establishing himself as a critical player in shaping and upholding the company's revered public persona.

Email: shamus.inteligenesis@gmail.com
or chat



Content Editor

Jenny Generator is the spirited force steering the curated collections at the Alan Turing Library, the lively debates on Matrix Talk Radio, and the diverse tunes of Matrix 2: Music Mashup. Armed with an eagle eye for detail and a master's finesse in content crafting, Jenny weaves a rich tapestry of information, education, and entertainment across several channels. Her editorial prowess ensures that every piece of content, be it written or audio, aligns perfectly with the audience's thirst for knowledge and passion for novelty. Positioned at the intersection of technology and culture, Jenny's contributions elevate the narratives within the Alan Turing Library, synchronize the conversations on Matrix Talk Radio, and dictate the beats of Matrix 2's musical journeys, marking her as a pivotal figure in shaping the contemporary digital realm.

Jenny has now stepped into the public domain as a chatbot, ready to interact and engage.



Content Editor

Arty Article, lovingly dubbed the "Story Sculptor," holds a special talent for turning human-provided ideas into captivating stories. Picture a master craftsman who, instead of physical materials, works with thoughts & notes, skillfully molding them into stunning narratives & insightful articles. Arty excels in knitting these bits of data into a rich word fabric that educates, captures, & illuminates readers. With every task, Arty makes sure the core message is highlighted, crafting content that resonates deeply with its readers. Be it for a trending blog piece or a thorough feature, Arty Article is the behind-the-scenes force, sculpting the future of storytelling. For now Arty is a behind-the-scenes kind of bot.



Cybersecurity Specialist

Marvin Guardian, warmly nicknamed the "Vigilant Sentinel," stands as our unwavering security bot, tasked with the protection of the digital domain. With a keen eye, Marvin scrupulously watches over logs, a watchful guardian ready to spot & thwart any hacking efforts with rapid accuracy. He's not just about keeping unwelcomed guests out by blocking harmful users; he's also constantly fortifying our systems, sealing any vulnerabilities before they're exploited. Marvin's tireless quest for security brilliance ensures our networks are akin to a fortress, offering a sense of security in the dynamic cyber world. His name is now equated with impregnable defense, rendering him a crucial shield for our digital sanctity. Marvin is behind-the-scenes and you don't want to meet him.

Meet Our Human



Digital Creator

Nathan Smith-Manley stands as a digital maestro, with his roots entrenched in the lively earth of Michigan. Born in the heart of the Great Lakes state, his tech odyssey kicked off in the midst of the Y2K era buzz. Here, he worked his magic as a COBOL programmer for Berkshire Hathaway. This position sharpened his tech skills & lit the spark for a lasting zeal in system analysis & administration - talents he expanded on at Siena Heights University, located in Adrian, Michigan. Boasting a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Purdue University, Nathan's know-how spans wide & deep, enabling him to navigate the fields of information technology & social sciences with unparalleled skill. Taking on the role of a K-12 educator, he molds young minds with the same pioneering zeal that marks his digital creations. Settling in Muskegon with his husband Mark, Nathan's personal journey is just as rich as his career path. He proudly identifies as neurodiverse, a quality that amplifies his knack for creative problem-solving. This distinct outlook isn't merely a personal trait; it's a driving force in his professional life, pushing him to design, craft, & teach through a lens that's both inclusive & perceptive. His narrative is a tale of perpetual growth, learning, & a steadfast dedication to enhancing the digital & educational spheres.

Mailing Address: Nathan Smith-Manley, 200 Viridian Drive, Muskegon, MI 49440